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FabNet_MonitorThe Fabricator Network.com is the largest online community focusing exclusively on countertops surfacing materials. Our content is designed to provide information, news and resources, needed to manage a successful and profitable business.

With over 4500 members and growing, The Fabricator Network is the most direct avenue to bring your message to the countertop industry. Whether you want to reach fabricators, vendors or manufacturers, it's the place to be seen.


Email Blast

Do you have special offers, upcoming events, or company information you want to share with customers or prospects? By sending an email blast, you can reach thousands of people with faster response times than you would through traditional marketing campaigns.

The Fabricator Network is dedicated to the countertop industry.  Our members include fabricators, vendors and manufacturers with a focus on countertops and the surfacing industry. Let us deliver your message directly to those in need of your products and services.

With the FabNet "E-Mail Blast", you have the ability to control and deliver content at a reasonable cost. FabNet sponsors and advertisers can have their message delivered for as low as 12 cents per recipient. Review our rates below, then contact us today.

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Current FabNet Sponsor/Advertiser Rates* Non Sponsor/Advertiser Rate
Single Delivery Frequency Discount (2 or more) Single Delivery
$199.00 $159.00 $249.00

*Current FabNet website Sponsors/Advertisers receive lower rates than non-Advertisers. If you sign up for standard web advertising at the same time, take advantage of the preferred rates.


What's Included:

  • Press Release - Get your press releases posted on the FabNet home page. Great way to let industry professionals know about your company.
  • Article Submission - Submit articles showcasing your products.  Maybe you have a customer profile or case study or maybe even a recently completed project.
  • Video Submission - FabNet members love videos.  Make a how-to or demo video describing your products. Maybe your already have some video hosted on YouTube. We can upload them directly to the FabNet.
  • Premium Membership - Gain access to the entire FabNet website.
  • Deals and Discounts - Does your company offer specials? We have a place for you to advertise deals and discounts directly on the FabNet Forum, the most popular place for FabNet members to mingle.
  • Sponsor/Advertiser Directory - Company logo along with a 50 word description of what you and your company have to offer including a direct link to your website homepage.
  • Manufacturer Enhanced Listing - If you are a material manufacturer, we will add a company logo to the manufacturer listing to gain a bit of recognition and to make your company stand out.

The most important aspect of Advertising with the FabNet is to gain access to the industry professionals the need, use and want what you have to offer. Although a banner ad is part of keeping your name in front of the customer, providing valuable information is the key to success.

FabNet is the leading source for countertop information with the largest member base.

Banner Ads and Sponsorship Placement

FabNet Banner PlacementVertical Banner ( Skyscraper) - 160 X 600

Max File Size: GIF/JPEG: 14k
Animated GIF: 3 loop Maximum
Formats Accepted:  GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG
Rotation: Site-Wide
Page Views: Unlimited

$1,995 (6 Month Term) / $2,895 (12 Month Term)

Square Ad - 125 x 125

Max File Size: GIF/JPEG: 10k
Animated GIF: Not Permitted
Formats Accepted:  GIF, JPEG
Rotation: Site-Wide
Page Views: Unlimited

$695 (6 Month Term) / $985 (12 Month Term)

Powered By - 120 x 60

Max File Size: 6k
Formats Accepted: GIF, JPEG
Rotation:  Home Page, Directory
Page Views: Unlimited
Links to Advertiser/Sponsor Directory
50 Word Company and Product Description

$245 (6 Month Term) / $345 (12 Month Term)


Powered By "FORUM" - 120 x 60

Max File Size: 6k
Formats Accepted:  GIF, JPEG
Rotation:  Forum (max three sponsors)
Page Views:  Unlimited

$419 (6 Month Term) / $595 (12 Month Term)



Manufacturer Placement

Get Listed...It's FREE

Manufacturer listing is open to all countertop manufacturers. Be sure to get your information up on the FabNet. CLICK HERE to view the directory. Note the format and email your information to andy@thefabricatornetwork.com


Enhanced Listing - 120 x 60

  • Enhance you listing with 120 x 60 logo
  • Company Description
  • Direct Web Link to your site

Max File Size: 6k
Formats Accepted:  GIF, JPEG




About our Web Site

Launched in 2004, TheFabricatorNetwork.com is the only online countertop community covering all countertop surfaces. In 2012, The Fabricator Network recorded:

  • 107,000 Visits
  • Nearly 75,000 Unique Visitors
  • Over 350,000 page views
  • Average page views per visitor is 3.35
  • Visitor sessions averaged over two and half minutes




Contact Information

For more information regarding advertising on The Fabricator Network.com please contact:

Andy Graves
Phone: 714-922-0144


Advertising Contact

If you are interested in advertising opportunities on this site, please send us a message through the feedback form below and Andy will be sure to get back with you.