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NOTE: The Android app is only available in Europe.

These days, businesses and retailers must keep their resources constantly up to date if they want to stay abreast of changes in a digital market now worth billions. This unstoppable mobile revolution has prompted HI-MACS® to create a personal app, following on from the recent launch of its new-look website. This venture will bring users closer still and give them accurate information in an instant, completely fresh and easy-to-use format.

The HI-MACS® app is available for Apple and Android phones and with its immediate, highly visual interface and clear, linear sequence, anyone can explore it in just a few taps. The information is available in 5 languages and as well as presenting the outstanding qualities of this next generation acrylic stone (such as impermeability, thermoformability and heat resistance), it also illustrates all the product offerings available (colours and basins), the catalogues and the company’s history, which is our guarantee of outstanding technical precision and aesthetic and functional quality.

Through an ordered series of projects carried out in collaboration with some of the world’s most prominent architectural firms, users will be able to stay up to date in real time with the company’s latest developments and view the infinite number of applications that HI-MACS® can be used for in the architecture, building and design fields.

If they need more information, they simply have to visit the ‘contacts’ section to get a full, personalised consultation on the spot.

The HI-MACS® app has not been developed simply as a basic tool: it is a real extension of the company itself, which will at last be quite literally at everyone’s fingertips.

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